Government Accredited Online Colleges in Massachusetts

With colleges like Bunker Hill offering online degree programs for more than a decade, it's clear that Massachusetts is on the ball with flexible education. In the last decade, campuses such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made breakthroughs by offering the MIT OpenCourseWare program. Here, students can enjoy online offerings at absolutely no cost, rewarding materials for 2,150 online courses. Since 2012, MIT and Harvard University have also run edX, an online learning hub with complementary online courses, available to anyone with an Internet-enabled computer.

Massachusetts Colleges Online is another useful conglomeration, comprised of nine state colleges and 15 community colleges in Massachusetts that combine their program and course offerings. In this portal, students can access a flexible option while already residing in Massachusetts, allowing them to study online while looking for ways to learn information from out of state sources.

In 2014, Massachusetts was either on par or beneath the average tuition rates for both two and four year public schools. Over the time period between the years 2002 and 2012, enrollment went up at 19 percent like the national average. Private school in Massachusetts in 2012 were among the highest in the country, however, while state funding was actually third lowest at about $3 per student for every thousand of tuition.

Between 2006 and 2012, state funding dropped about 8.5 percent. Besides this, the period from 2000 and 2010 saw an increase in state school enrollment by 22.5 percent. Anyone who is registered exclusively in non-credit classes are not a part of this statistic.