Government Accredited Online Colleges in Minnesota

Minnesota offers a variety of online degree programs for students to choose from. Since 2004, nearly 100 public and private institutions have created online program options to increase their studentbody and to help attract more students from around the country.

While other states first introduced online learning much earlier than Minnesota, the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative was formed in 2004 along with Distance Minnesota to help advance the quality of distance learning in the state and to give recent high school graduates an affordable college alternative to in-class learning.

Since 2006, Minnesota has experienced a significant amount of tuition increases to the tune of 32 percent. Because of the significant increase in tuition, students are now having a more difficult time with paying for other expenses, including books, housing, food and more.

Online learning has served these students by allowing them to study for entire degree programs from the comfort of their own homes. Instead of working part time to help pay for increased tuition costs, students can now reduce the amount they spend on additional costs incurred by living and attending classes on campus when they study and attend class from home. The elimination of the need for part time work will allow students to focus solely on their college studies.

There are currently 98 different schools that cater to distance learning students by offering entire degree programs online.