Government Accredited Online Colleges in Missouri

The state run higher education system within Missouri has greatly expanded its online degree options to include more than 80 different programs ranging from bachelor's to doctoral degrees thanks to Mizzou Online. The Missouri Virtual Instruction Program was founded in 2007 to provide online classes for homeschooled, private and public K-12 students.

The University of Missouri System Online is also a part of the WCET e-Learning Consortia, meaning it can provide a space for higher education instructions to pool resources. This enables all involved to increase the efficiency of technology based courses and programs. In 2013, 39 of the four year colleges in Missouri offered some kind of online opportunities.

It is unlikely that Missouri funding for higher education will relieve the burden on students as appropriations fell 5 percent from 2006 to 2011. However, the cost of tuition didn't jump as high as United States average; four year public university intuition rose about 17.5 percent during this point, which was much less than the national average rise of 42 percent at the time.

It is possible that state spending in the future could increase whether Missouri wants to spend it or not thanks to a rising population; enrollment increased 10.4 percent in recent years while maintaining a 75 percent retention rate for students in their first year of university in Missouri.

Those interested in Missouri online colleges can compare a database of over 90 colleges.