Government Accredited Online Colleges in Montana

Back in 2007, the Distance Learning Initiative was launched by the Montana University System; the initiative was designed to ensure that students participating in online colleges and distance learning were receiving quality education in their courses. Two years after this investigation, Montana University responded by developing the Montana Digital Academy, designed to give students in high school additional opportunities to learn online.

In addition, there was the College! Now initiative; this was created in order to promote educational opportunities at two-year online colleges. The purpose of creating this awareness was to increase the enrollment of online colleges in Montana. Each of the Montana Universities like MUS Distance Learning and UM Online, as of 2014, offer 700 courses online as well as 90 online degrees.

In the last few years, the cost of tuition for schools in Montana have steadily risen. In just five years, the cost of tuition has risen 11.7 percent. On the one hand, however, students do not necessarily need to handle the expense of school alone; along with the increase in tuition, there was an increase of 17.9 percent of state appropriations for higher education. On the other hand, enrollment in such online colleges is less than the national average, only rising 10.7 percent during the same time span that tuition was measured.

However, the retention rate for colleges in Montana is 70.1 percent, which is considered higher than typical. On the other end of the school spectrum, the rate of graduation in the state is 46.3 percent.