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North Carolina is one of the top tourism destinations in the US. However, it is also a top destination for businesses because of its business-friendly environment and a host of incentives that provide support to new and expanding businesses.

The economy of North Carolina is supported by the thriving business industry that in itself has gained momentum due to the low business costs in the state. In addition, the state offers groundbreaking university reach and access to a talented workforce. Indeed, there is a high educational quality within the state from top-tier universities so you can hire skilled and educated workforce for your business.

A healthy and superior infrastructure aids in the business development within the state. A good example of that is the quality infrastructure, which means businesses can get low freight and delivery costs for goods and equipment. Business incentives are also available through government-sponsored programs to ease tax burden.

The overall business climate in North Carolina is considered as one of the best in the US. In fact, Forbes has consistently ranked it as one of the top 5 states for business for a decade. The high quality of life is fueled by the moderate climate in the state, which translates to more opportunities for its residents and high buying power. For business insurance related info please refer to our more in depth article.

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At the request of our visitors we've included the below local insurance contacts for most cities in North Carolina. Finding affordable auto insurance rates without guidance proves difficult for many. With the below resources, you can compare coverages and get the most protection for a low cost. Home to the Appalachian Trail, North Carolina requires that all car owners have coverage the insures bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured/underinsured property damage. If you're looking for a cheap insurance policy, you need to compare quotes from different insurance companies. Certain companies offer special discounts, so always be on the lookout for ways to save. For additional information on traffic laws or driving schools please navigate to your respective state using the map. And for manufactured home insurance, please refer to the respective article.

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Nicknamed the Old North State, the state of North Carolina is located at the Southeastern region of the U.S. It is the ninth most populated state and the 28th largest in the country. The largest city, Charlotte, is the most populated, while its capital Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks for its beautiful oak trees that line the streets at the heart of the city.

The state is defined by a wide range of elevations and gorgeous landscapes. From west to east, the elevation descends from the Appalachian Mountains all the way to the Piedmont and the Atlantic coastal plain. This offers a wide selection of outdoor nature activities - from hiking during warm months, to skiing and tubing come winter time. There's also an abundance of dazzlingly colorful foliage and breathtaking beach and coastal attractions.

One of the state's absolute must-see is the Biltmore Estate, a mansion of incredible architecture, artistry, and antiques.

The state's economy is largely based on services and other industries. Tobacco and textiles still play a key role in North Carolina economy. The state is also the top producer of sweet potatoes, dry beans, broiler chickens, turkeys, and pigs.

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