Government Accredited Online Colleges in Nebraska

Nebraska is well known for supporting online education, not just at the higher education level, but across the whole breadth of grades. The state offers inclusive projects to help improve education in the K-12 elementary, middle and high school ages all the way up and including post secondary education.

The Network Education and Technology Services team was created by the Nebraska Department of Education; its purpose is to offer elementary schools, middle schools and high schools with the newest technology to assist with learning tools. It was created in 2007 and also trains teachers in the ways of using the technology so it can be properly utilized in the classroom.

In 2010, four universities within the state of Nebraska banded together to found the Online Worldwide program, which today offers more than 100 degrees and certificates online, as well as other programs and minors.

In a similar vein to other states in the United States, there have been high enrollment rates lately in Nebraska, particularly at public four year institutions, which have seen a safe 10.2 percent increase in just five years' time. However, students are the ones who are stuck with shouldering the financial burden of tuition increases; tuition at these public four year classes rose 32.6 percent while the budget for higher education in the state only went up 7.7 percent.

Even though the budgets have been increasing, retention rates in the state of Nebraska are a healthy 78.2 percent while the graduation rate is set to about 56.8 percent.