Government Accredited Online Colleges in New Hampshire

Though it is one of the smallest states in the country, New Hampshire has 45 post secondary schools and more than 100,000 individuals enrolled looking for degrees as of 2014. In fact, Manchester Community College has over 250 online courses on its own, along with various other associate degree programs fully online. The seven community colleges within New Hampshire also offer online courses in a number of different fields, which can be completed without ever going to a campus. Southern New Hampshire University in particular became a true leader in online colleges, allowing students access to almost 200 programs online and various resources.

New Hampshire is also a state that allows professional development courses on the e-Learning for Educators program. There is also the Virtual Learning Academy to engage students in high school. At the close of 2014, New Hampshire stated it would be the first in the area to become part of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement, which is an initiative that strives to make online colleges and distance education much more accessible across state lines.

As a result of the 32.8 percent drop in state spending and general inflation, there has been a 48 percent increase in public four year college tuition within five years. As students continue to deal with most of the financial burden, enrollment rates have also suffered, rising only 8 percent. Retention rates, on the other hand, remain at a high 80.8 percent while the state graduation rate rests at a respectable 69.5 percent.