Government Accredited Online Colleges in New Mexico

Students usually report that the flexible scheduling of online degree programs is what attracts them. Many online degree seekers are working full-time while simultaneously trying to earn a degree. Being able to schedule classwork and homework around their work schedule allows them the opportunity to earn a degree. Trying to work full-time and attend traditional college classes is difficult to impossible.

Currently, there are a total of 48 accredited colleges in New Mexico, of which 38 offer online learning programs. Around12% of college students in New Mexico are enrolled in exclusively online learning programs, about the same percentage of online learners nationwide. One of the many cited advantages of online learning programs is that students don't have to live near the college they are studying at. However, nationwide, around 50% of online students do live near their online college. Interestingly, 80% of online college students in New Mexico were both living in New Mexico and studying in New Mexico. Most of these students were studying for an undergraduate degree at state-funded schools.

New Mexico is one of the cheaper states in which to earn a college degree. The average cost nationwide for a 4-year degree was around $17,000 in 2013. State colleges in New Mexico cost around $6,000 per year for a 4-year degree, about half of the U.S. average for state-funded schools. State-funded online degree programs in New Mexico cost the same per year for tuition as do traditional degree programs.