Government Accredited Online Colleges in Oregon

Just ten years ago, there weren't many Oregon universities that were offering distance learning as one means of earning a degree within the state. However, in recent years, the top universities of Oregon have made changes to offer new online learning opportunities, particularly those to help accommodate working adults.

In 2013, sixteen universities provided distance learning courses in Oregon, including Oregon State University; this school is considered to be one of the best online schools in the entire country. The e-campus of Oregon State University offers undergraduate programs and graduate programs in various fields like Liberal Studies, Sociology and Environmental Sciences.

Costs of tuition in the state of Oregon have been on par with the rest of the nation's on average in the last few years. Between the years of 2004 and 2014, two year schools in Oregon saw an increase of 26.5 percent in tuition while four year public schools had a bigger increase of 36 percent during this same period of time. For two year public schools, the national average of tuition cost had risen 30.8 percent during the period while four year public colleges rose 42 percent on average.

Those interested in learning more about online colleges in Oregon can compare nearly 50 different universities and colleges that offer different courses, such as Blue Mountain Community College and Marylhurt University.