Government Accredited Online Colleges in Texas

Texas students have had the benefit of becoming familiar with distance education, and have taken advantage of online degree programs that are available to them. Secondary schools have also caught on to the online trend, and are quickly developing programs to meet the growing need. During the fall of 2012, over 8 percent of students enrolled in higher education institutions were enrolled exclusively in online classes. To help improve the quality and access to education, Texas developed a couple of initiatives that have helped in increase the access students have to online educational opportunities.

In 2007, the Texas State Legislature created The Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN). This initiative is made up of two parts, the statewide course catalog and the online schools program, and was designed to give access to all higher education students to online courses and programs. The TxVSN also assists those in grades 8-12 by providing course materials for high school graduation.

With the second largest higher education enrollment in the nation, Texas has sought various avenues to increase access to education. One way Texas has done so was to become a member of the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus, which helps to give online educational opportunities in the Southern Region.