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West Virginia is abundant in natural resources and beauty that tourists seek out during their visit. But when it comes to the business scene, there are equally abundant reasons choosing the state as the destination for a new business.

The economic stability of West Virginia is worth noting. In 2017, its GDP is valued at over $67 Billion and it has consistently risen since. The energy sector has been the main driving force for the state's economy but there is also a thriving business industry.

One of the key advantages of setting up new business in West Virginia is the tax incentive offered to entrepreneurs. Whether you are relocating your business or starting a new business in West Virginia, tax incentives await you.

There are also numerous programs and grants through various state government agencies that provide funding and assistance to starting businesses. Business owners and investors can access a variety of tools and resources designed to make the process of setting up a new business as seamless as possible.

All of these are part of the effort from the government to encourage more businesses and investors to come into the state, which in turn will facilitate more economic growth and employment opportunities. For business insurance related info please refer to our more in depth article.

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West Virginia State and Local Insurance Information and Directory

At the request of our visitors we've included the below local insurance contacts for most cities in West Virginia. Even if you already have auto insurance, it's always a good idea to keep an eye out for more affordable options. West Virginia has one of the highest accident rates in the country, so it's critical to avoid gaps in car insurance coverage. We've compiled a comprehensive list of local contacts who can help you compare low cost quotes and get affordable car insurance rates. If you want a cheap policy, don't overlook special discounts that insurance companies offer when you purchase insurance in bundles. For additional information on traffic laws or driving schools please navigate to your respective state using the map. And for manufactured home insurance, please refer to the respective article.

West Virginia is located at the Appalachian, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions of the United States. Nicknamed the "Mountain State", West Virginia is the only state completely within the Appalachian Mountain region, with an elevation higher than any state east of the Mississippi River.

The state is historically a hotbed for coal mining and logging industries. It also has some of the east coast's most beautiful and rugged scenery. Subsequently, it is widely known for its wide range of outdoor recreational activities, such as backpacking, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, rock climbing, skiing, white water rafting, etc. Adventurers and nature lovers will never run out of fun things to do in this state.

One of the most iconic places to see in West Virginia is the New River Gorge National River. It is said to be one of the oldest rivers in the continent. It cuts through the Appalachian Plateau and makes plenty of canoeing, tubing, and white water rafting opportunities.

Rugged land, limited farm size lands, and lack of flat land hampered the development, commercial expansion, and competitive advantage of this state.

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