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Annuity Transfers - Structured Settlements

Based in Plano, Texas, Annuity Transfers is a structured settlement company that specializes in buying annuities and structured settlements. These are the only products and services that Annuity Transfers deals in. Like most structured settlement companies, they do not have any publically available information about rates and fees.

People who have a structured settlement, usually the result of an injury or winning a lawsuit, can sell that structured settlement to receive cash up front, without having to wait for the settlement payout. However, individuals should be careful, as it is not always a good idea to sell a structured settlement or annuity, especially of it is your primary source of income.

Because Annuity Transfers does not publish information about their rates and fees, and because every structured settlement or annuity are different, you will have to contact them if you want to find out more information regarding your structured settlement or annuity.

Another important thing to note for people considering selling their structured settlement or annuity is that you will not receive the full amount of your settlement. This is because structured settlement purchasers buy your structured settlement at what is called a discount rate. This works the same way as an interest rate on a loan in that it is the profit margin that the company is making. The discount rate is how the company generates a profit, and it can vary based on the company, your situation, and the way that your settlement is structured.

One helpful aspect of the Annuity Transfers website is that it provides a helpful guide regarding the sales process. This is important because selling a structured settlement is more complex than other types of financial exchanges due to the nature of structured settlements. Because structured settlements result from court agreements, you will need a judge to approve the sale of your structured settlement. Depending on the state you live in, you will also need to hire an attorney. Annuity Transfer's website explains that the sales process will take eight to nine weeks to complete, so if you need money faster than that, selling your structured settlement is probably not an option.

As the structured settlement process is tricky, it is also important to note that there are certain kinds of structured settlements and annuities that Annuity Transfers are not able to purchase. A partial list includes divorce or child support payments, IRA or retirement plan payments, pension payments, and worker's compensation payments. You should contact Annuity Transfers if you have any questions regarding your ability to sell your structured settlement, or their ability to buy your structured settlement.

In the end, Annuity Transfers seems to be a trusted, Texas-based company. Their website is very descriptive of the steps you will have to take to sell your structured settlement, and also contains a useful FAQ section where you can learn more about things like a discount rate so that you can be sure you have a complete understanding of the implications of and process for selling your structured settlement or annuity.