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Campbell Financial Corp - Structured Settlements

Campbell Financial Corp is a business that offers a number of financial products to customers looking for safer returns on investments as well as buying structured settlements and annuities from individuals looking to sell them to obtain a lump sum payment. They are based in Woodland Park, CO, and have been operating since at least 2007.

Potential customers should be very deliberate when deciding if it is a good idea to sell their structured settlement or annuity. Structured settlements are usually awarded to cover damages from an injury or other lawsuit, so if you rely on your structured settlement as your main income, then there will be important implications to selling it. You should speak to a qualified attorney and/or financial planner to fully understand the effects of selling your structured settlement before you do so.

Campbell Financial Corp offers a number of financial products, including loans and products based on purchasing structured settlements. These products offer a safe place for investors because the settlement payments are backed by a life insurance company, which means that as long as the insurance company doesn't collapse, a very unlikely outcome, the payments are assured, as is your rate of return. As a result you can get predictable income for retirement or end of life care.

The Campbell Financial Corp website is laid out in a clear and understandable manner. It does a good job of explaining their products and the services they provide. Moreover, there is a very clear walkthrough process for the various services, making it is to understand exactly what steps you need to take. This is especially important because selling a structured settlement or annuity is different than other kinds of financial transactions. Structured settlement sales are different because they need to be approved by a judge and, in some states, will require you to hire an attorney.

It is also important to note that there are some types of structured settlements and annuities that Campbell Financial Corp cannot purchase due to legal prohibitions. You should call them if you're curious about your particular settlement, but in general this list includes things like divorce and child support payments, worker's compensation, pension, and retirement payments.

Another important facet to consider is that you will not be getting the full value of your settlement. Campbell Financial Corp buys these settlements at what is known as a discount rate, which is similar to an interest rate in that it is how the company makes a profit on the transaction. They buy your structured settlement for a discount rate, and then sell it to someone else at a rate that is higher than they paid but lower than the total value of the settlement.

Campbell Financial Corp has been in business for 10 years. Their website is clean and user friendly. However, as is standard in the industry, there is no up-front information about rates and fees, so you'll have to call them. They offer a small section of very tightly focused services, and this level of specialization usually results in a company that knows what they're doing.