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Client First Settlement Funding - Structured Settlements

Client First Settlement Funding was founded in 2016 with the goal of approaching the structured settlement market in a way that put the client's needs first. They claim to offer a wide variety of options for selling all or part of your structured settlement. As a result they are a bit more versatile than some of the other companies we've reviewed.

It is important to note that selling a structured settlement is more complicated than selling stock or other financial transactions. This is because of the nature of structured settlements as well as the rules that govern them. Many people receive structured settlements as the result of an accident or injury, and they are designed to supplement income lost from missing work or from injuries. Therefore it is important that before you sell your structured settlement you talk to a qualified financial advisor or planner to make sure that you fully understand the implications and consequences of selling your structured settlement or annuity.

Client First Settlement Funding has a sleek, modern website. It offers helpful definitions of terms it uses along the side of the page, which can be a boon to those who are not familiar with the process of selling or investing in structured settlements. Moreover, it explains the process of selling and buying structured settlements and annuities in a clear, straightforward manner than many customers have appreciated.

There are some types of structured settlements that Client First cannot buy. You should contact them with questions regarding your specific case because every structured settlement is different, but in general they cannot purchase structured settlements resulting from child support payments, divorce, pension, retirement, IRA, or other similar payments.

Another facet worth considering is that you won't receive the full value of your structured settlement should you decide to sell. This is due to the discount rate that Client First Settlement Funding and other structured settlement buyers will offer you. This discount rate is how these companies make a profit. In return for taking less than the full value of your structured settlement, you get cash up front to pay for different things that you might need.

It is also important to be aware that the process of selling a structured settlement can take some time. Because the settlement was awarded on the basis of a court order, any sale of all or part of the settlement must be approved by a judged. Furthermore, depending on what state you live in, you may also be required to hire an attorney to complete the sale. This additional cost should be taken into account when you are considering selling your structured settlement or annuity.

Client First Settlement Funding is a company that says they put clients first, and all indications that we could find say that's true. They have a good, but young, reputation as a firm, and their website is easy to use and contains straightforward, clear language. Like all structured settlement companies, they do not post their rates and fees, so you will have to contact them if you have questions about your specific structured settlement or annuity.