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Creative Capital - Structured Settlements

Creative Capital is a structured settlement firm established in 1980 and has been helping individuals and firms set up structured settlements or annuities since. They offer structured settlement solutions to a wide array of different types of cases, and have won numerous industry awards for the quality of their products and services. They are based in East Brunswick, NJ, and White Plains, NY.

Structured settlements usually come as the result of a court case or lawsuit where the claimant proves damages by the defendant that must be compensated. Structured settlements are the schedule and amount of payments that the defendant, or their insurance company, will make in order to cover the damages awarded, as well as legal fees. Structured settlements can be difficult and complicated agreements to work out, so having an expert on structured settlements can make the process much simpler, saving all parties involved time and money on continued litigation.

In addition to structured settlements, Creative Capital also offers tax-deferred attorney's fees. This is a product designed to help attorneys better manage their fee structure and ensures a steady stream of income to make up for the fact that legal work can be intermittent, providing lawyers with better money management options.

Creative Capital's website is one of the best out of the structured settlement companies we reviewed. It is easy to understand and has clearly labeled links that will take you to the information you are looking for. The site does a good job of explaining the different structured service options and products the company offers to clients, and explains the advantages and disadvantages of different types of structured settlements. One thing that Creative Capital's website shares in common with most other structured settlement companies is that it does not list their rates or fees for their services. This makes sense when you consider how complex structured settlements are, and the fact that each structured settlement is unique. This makes it impossible to establish a generic policy for their services, and requires you to schedule a consultation so that you can get information specific to your unique case. As a result, you can trust that Creative Capital will work on your individual case and treat it as individual, and important quality in the complex world of structured settlements.

Another thing that sets Creative Capital's website apart from some of the other companies we looked at is the legalistic focus of the site. It is very careful to quote the most updated legal statutes for the user so that you can have the best understanding of the structured settlement regulatory framework as possible. As a result, clients will come away from the site better educated than they were when they found it.

There are many different companies that offer their services to set up and implement structured settlements. Based on the number of awards, customer reviews, and long history that Creative Capital has, they are a good place to get a quote if you are looking to set up a structured settlement or annuity.