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DRB Capital - Structured Settlements

DRB Capital is a structured settlements company that specializes in buying and selling structured settlements and annuities based in Boca Raton, FL. They offer to buy structured settlements and annuities for a lump sum of cash, and receive generally positive reviews.

It is important to note that you should talk to a financial advisor or planner when considering selling your structured settlement or annuity. Most structured settlements come about as the result of a court case or lawsuit, and frequently are designed to replace lost income. Therefore, selling your structured settlement or annuity can result in a dramatic impact on your financial future. This is why it is important to make sure you fully understand the implications of selling your structured settlement or annuity.

DRB Capital's website is not as well laid out as some of the other companies we've reviewed. The site seems to be focused on making the sale and does not do as good of a job explaining the process or the meaning of selling structured settlements to users. As a result, they are not among our most highly recommended structured settlement buyers.

Selling a structured settlement or annuity is more complex than other types of financial transactions. Because structured settlements and annuities usually come about as the result of a court case, you must get a judge to approve the sale. Additionally, there are different rules in different states, and some states may require you to hire a lawyer in order to sell your structured settlement.

Another important consideration to take into account is that you'll be receiving a discount value of your structured settlement. This means that you won't be getting the whole sum of your settlement, but rather a part of it when you get your lump sum payment. This is because the company makes money by buying your structured settlement for less than it is worth to you, and then selling it for more than they paid for it. Without this mechanism the structured settlement market could not function, and so it is an important component of the business.

Additionally, there are some types of structured settlements or annuities that cannot be sold. While this list is different in different states and can change on a case by case basis, you are generally not allowed to sell structured settlements resulting from worker's compensation claims, divorce or child support payments, IRA payouts, retirement payouts, or pension payments. You should contact DRB Capital if you are not sure about your settlement or would like more information. Like other structured settlement companies, DRB Capital does not list their fees or rates, so you will need to contact them to get a quote regarding your specific structured settlement or annuity.

DRB Capital is a young and growing company. They have some decent reviews online, and their website has all the information you need, even if it does favor an approach that encourages you to take action. If you are considering selling your structured settlement or annuity to DRB Capital, contact them for a quote so you can compare them to the competition