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EPS Settlements Group - Structured Settlements

EPS Settlements Group is an organization that specializes in helping lawyers, courts, and individuals set up structured settlement agreements. They have been in business since 1972 and are based in Greenwood Village, CO. Structured settlements are agreements between adversaries in a lawsuit that result in payment for damages of some kind, spread out over a period of time. Structured settlements can be complicated arrangements, and EPS seeks to provide expert advice to anyone involved in the structured settlement process to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

There are a number of reasons why structured settlements are so difficult. First, the case has to be decided and the amount of damages agreed to or determined. This can be an incredibly complex process itself, and it is only the first step in the process. After the damages have been determined the parties must agree to a payment schedule that will provide the injured party with the money they need when they need it based on the nature of the case the settlement is resolving. For example, if you are receiving a structured settlement as a result of an accident, and doctors predict you will need surgery in six years, then the settlement needs to take that into account when determining the payment schedule.

EPS Settlements Group's website is very well organized, with different sections clearly identified for the different types of users who may seek their services, injured persons, attorneys, and claim professionals. As a result it is easy to use, with the information that the user needs provided in a clear, easy to understand format and in plain language. It is important to note that because each structured settlement is different, they do not have rates or fees described on their site. You will need to contact EPS Settlements Group if you are interested in acquiring their services to negotiate your settlement.

There are many different reasons someone might obtain a structured settlement from a lawsuit, and EPS Settlement Group has worked on a vast array of different types of cases, which shows that they'll have the experience to work with your settlement. Different settlements include worker's compensation, lawsuit from injuries or damages, mass tort claims, attorney fees, and others. If you are in the process of structuring a settlement, or you are bringing a lawsuit that could result in a settlement, you can contact them to get a quote on your particular case. Because every case is different, this is the best way to get an idea of the fees different companies will charge to help structure your settlement.

It is important to get the details of a structured settlement right. For many people, the structured settlement may be the only source of regular income they have for the rest of their lives, and a poorly designed settlement can make their lives difficult down the road.

EPS Settlement Group has been structuring settlements since 1972. Their long company history, clean, professional website, and scores of reviews indicate that they are one of the best companies to help you structure your settlement.