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Guardian Settlements - Structured Settlements

Guardian Settlements recently changed names to JCR settlements, but the company still has all the same experience that it had before when it comes to designing and implemented structured settlement and annuity agreements. They are based in Scottsdale, AZ and focus on making sure everyone involved in a claim can achieve the optimal outcome for the settlement, no matter what side they are on. This lets defendants and claimants move forward with their lives without the constant headache of continuing litigation hanging over them.

Structured settlements and annuities usually come about as the result of a court case or lawsuit where a claimant is awarded damages from a defendant to cover some injury. Structured settlements are the schedule and rate of payments that the defendant will pay the claimant to compensate for the damages. These agreements can be difficult to set up, as they involve large sums of money as well as a number of unpredictable factors and an unknowable future. Therefore, getting the structured settlement right is essential to making sure that all parties involved can move on from the claim and continue to go about their lives and businesses.

The website available has limited resources for consumers. It seems to be designed to get you to contact them to request a quote or set up a consultation. This is in contrast to some of the other websites we've reviewed that have a wealth of resources including links to legal documents, law text, case studies, descriptions, and other resources. They do say that they will work to ensure the highest income stream at the lowest possible premiums, but there is little to no information on their site that explains how they do that, or examples of cases where they have successfully established and implemented a structured settlement.

Structured settlements are not the only product that the company offers. They also provide services that deal with tax-deferred attorney fees, attend mediations to help influence the structured settlement process, and provide MSA Allocations and related services. This puts them slightly apart from some of the other companies that we've reviewed, which don't focus as much on MSA allocations as Guardian Settlements seems to.

Like most structured settlement companies we've looked at, Guardian settlements does not have their rates or fees listed on their website. This makes sense when you consider the complex nature of structured settlements, as well as the fact that every structured settlement is unique. Therefore, you will have to call them for a quote if you are interested in having them set up and execute your structured settlement or annuity agreement.

There are many different companies that offer structured settlement services, and most of them have a longer history than Guardian Settlements. However, if you are located near them, then it still might be worth contacting them to get a quote. It's possible that their focus on pleasing all parties in the structured settlement process will result in a faster resolution to the case, allowing you and everyone involved to move on with your lives in peace, and no longer worry about continuing litigation on the matter.