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How Do I Sell My Structured Settlement?

Sometimes people need cash right away. This could be for medical bills, home or car repair, sudden loss of employment, or any other reason. If you have a structured settlement, you may consider selling that settlement for cash. Asking yourself "Should I sell my structured settlement payment?" is a sign that you've entered a very specialized market, one with many different aspects to contemplate. If you want to sell structured settlement there are some important factors that you should consider. Selling a structured settlement isn't the right move for everyone, and selling your structured settlement may put you in a worse situation than you're in now. However, there are instances where selling structured settlement makes sense, and you should be sure to speak to a certified financial advisor before deicing "I'm going to sell my structured settlement."

How to Sell a Structured Settlement

The first step in selling your structured settlement is finding someone whose business is to purchase structured settlements. These sorts of structured settlement companies buy structured settlement as a business model, and will make you an offer for your structured settlement. Once you've decided to answer the question "Should I be selling my structured settlement?" with a yes, the next question you should ask yourself is "Who will buy my structured settlement?" The market in structured settlement investments is fairly limited, so it's a simple matter to find the best company.

Will I Get Cash for My Structured Settlement?

You certainly will. If you decide "I'm going to sell my structured settlement" you will be paid in cash by a broker. The broker will pay you less than the total value of your structured settlement, and then try to find a specialized buyer for it. These buyers are looking for long term stability and assured returns on investment. These are good options for some high value retirement accounts, so while there is not a large market for these products, there is still enough enthusiasm within the market that it may be worth your while to consider selling. In return for giving up the payments assured by your structured settlement, you will be provided with cash that can be used to pay bills, obtain medical care, fix up your car or house, or take advantage of an investment opportunity. Remember that selling structured settlements can have a large impact on your financial future, for better or worse, so make sure you discuss it with a certified financial planner or advisor before taking any action.