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JMW Settlements - Structured Settlements

JMW Settlements is a firm that focuses on finding solutions to design and implement an effective structured settlement to resolve court cases. They specialize in personal injury structured settlements, which can be among the most difficult structured settlement cases to work out. JMW was first founded in 1978, and has been helping design settlements since then. While this does not make them one of the oldest companies we've reviewed, they've certainly been around for longer than many of the other structured settlement companies we took a look at.

Structured settlements usually arise as the result of a lawsuit or court case where the defendant is found to have damaged the claimant, and is ordered or agrees to pay compensation for the damages. The structured settlement is the schedule and rate of payment to resolve these damages. This shows why these can be tricky agreements to accomplish, as the defendant is trying to spend as little money as possible and the claimant is trying to get the most money possible. As a result, all parties are in conflict, and all parties also want the time consuming and expensive process of litigation to be over with.

JMW's website is solidly in the middle of the pack compared to other companies we've reviewed. They offer some information regarding structured settlements, but do not describe the process or what makes their firm unique when it comes to designing and executing structured settlement agreements. As a result, there are other companies where you can get more information. Furthermore, the layout of the site made it a bit time consuming to find the information that we were looking for, as it was buried beneath several links.

Another aspect of JMW's site is common to structured settlement companies. They do not list their rates or fees for their services, so if you are interested in having JMW take care of your structured settlement issues, you will have to contact them for a quote or to set up a consultation. This makes sense when you take into account the complicated nature of structured settlements, as well as the fact that every court case, and thus every structured settlement, is unique. This means that you can trust JMW to work on your specific case and treat is as unique. This is incredibly reassuring because structured settlements frequently become the primary or only source of steady income for the claimant, so it is important to ensure that the structured settlement is properly formatted to take their needs into account, while at the same time not extracting too much money from the defendant.

JMW's long history and specialization make them a good place to go for a quote if you are looking to set up a structured settlement. They have the knowledge and experience to provide the information you need, and may offer one of the best rates on the market. Moreover, their experience also means they are likely to be able to figure out how to structure a settlement so that the matter can be put to bed, and in the end that's what everyone wants.