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Ringer Associates - Structured Settlements

Setting up a structured settlement can be one of the most tedious and time consuming parts of any court case or lawsuit. Ringer Associates is a settlement firm that sets up structured settlements with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for all parties. This is an important thing to note, as this approach makes it more likely that Ringer will be able to get a structured settlement agreed upon and executed in a timely manner, saving everyone involved time and money avoiding ongoing litigation.

Structured settlements usually come out of court cases or lawsuits where the claimant wins damages from the defendant. In many of these cases, the claimant will have to rely on the structured settlement as their primary source of income. The claimant will want to get the most money possible, and the defendant will want to save as much as possible, leading to a confrontational and troubling situation. Moreover, because structured settlements have the potential to be the claimant's primary source of income, it is important to get them right. For example, if a claimant is expected to need surgery in 5 years, then the structure of the settlement payments will need to take that into account. As a result, there are a lot of moving pieces to a structured settlement, so hiring a firm that specializes in designing and executing them can make sense.

Ringer's website is one of the easiest to use out of the structured settlement companies that we reviewed. It has clear categories so that you can find the information you are looking for. They are broken up according to who might be looking for information. This is a good practice as an injured person will be looking for different information than a lawyer or claims professional. Moreover, the website has stories of successful structured settlements and examples of their process, so you can get a good idea if Ringer is the right firm for you without having to contact them.

Should you decide that you are interested in having Ringer set up your structured settlement, you will have to contact them for a quote or consultation. Like most of the structured settlement companies we've reviewed, Ringer does not put up rates or fees for their services directly onto their site. This makes sense given the complex nature of structured settlements, and also based on the fact that every structured settlement is a unique project. This means you can rely on Ringer to treat your structured settlement on an individual basis, which should be reassuring to defendants and claimants alike.

If you are thinking about having Ringer handle your structured settlement, you should contact them for a quote or consultation. They've helped design more than 228,000 settlement plans worth more than $33 billion since 1975, which shows that they have the experience and expertise necessary to reach a fast, fair settlement agreement in your case. All of these facts, plus the fact that they contract with some of the most highly rated insurance companies, makes Ringer Associates one of the best structured settlement companies we've reviewed.