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Strategic Planners - Structured Settlements

Strategic Planners is a structured settlement company based in Elk Groove, CA that has been operating for 32 years. They are a structured settlement planning company, which means they help negotiate and establish structured settlements to match court mandated damages with the financial capabilities of the payer with the needs of the recipient.

Structured settlements can be difficult agreements to craft. They require a complicated balancing of money and timing to ensure that all parties benefit as much as they can from the settlement process. For example, if an injured party is expected to need surgery in 6 years, the costs of this surgery must be planned for, which will impact the way that other payments are disbursed.

In addition to structured settlement planning, Strategic Planners also focuses on setting up attorney fee structures as they pertain to complex legal actions like class action lawsuits, taxable damages, and a number of other non-traditional settlement structures.

Strategic Planners' website is a bare-bones affair. There is limited information regarding the company and what they do, and serves mostly as a vehicle to get customers to call them. Like most companies who work with structured settlements, Strategic Planners does not list any of their rates or fees for their services on the website. This makes sense, given the complex nature of structured settlements, along with the fact that every structured settlement is different.

The aspects of structured settlements that Strategic Planners works on are some of the more complex elements in a structured settlement. Frequently a lawyer will take a court case on in a way where their payment comes out of the damages award by the court or the settlement. When viewed in conjunction with the other difficulties in setting up a structured settlement, it can be easy to see how arranging for legal fees to come out of the awarded money needs to be balanced with the client's needs and the defendant's ability to pay.

Strategic Planners' website does, however, do a very good job of explaining the types of cases that Strategic Planners usually deal with, and thus provides a window of insight into whether or not Strategic Planners are the right structured settlement firm to help organize and implement your structured settlement or annuity.

While their website may not be particularly useful to the average person, there are a host of legal resources available to help lawyers who are in the process of setting up a structured settlement, which can be helpful if an attorney has never had to execute that task before. It also lists a number of the more common terms in the structured settlement and periodic payment industries that can help clarify a complicated legal situation.

With 32 years of experience and a team dedicated to solving structured settlement problems, Strategic Planners is one of the most recognizable structured settlement companies on the market today. They are a great place to look for a quote if you are in the process of establishing a structured settlement, annuity, or periodic payment system.